Phonophobia : Heightened Sensitivity to sound due to Pranayama – The cure in Tattvas

Namaste guruji, every time i do pranayam whether anulom vilom or kapalbhati, i notice my anxiety get increase, my heart get sensitive to sensory inputs like sound. I start to get scared and heart beat raises fast, i get more nervous rather than turning to be brave. Can you please explain why is it happening […]

Can I do Nadishodhan to cure Hernia?

Dear AD, Due to unsupervised past pranayama practices for example kapal bhaati, i have come across some unhealthy changes in my body,especially those related to symmetry, which in severe is hernia. Is there a way to fix this? should i start with nadi sodhan pranayama? what is the difference between nadi sodhana and anulom-vilom pranayam? […]

Yakshini Sadhana – Beware of Worshiping and Taming Yakshinis (Part IV.. Concluded)

Shivoham! Last time I was talking about Jain-Teerthankaras and their shaashan-devis or yakshinis. In fact there are temples to verify this fact. Many caves and temples house the statues of jain teerthankars along with their shaashan devis. One such site is Khandgiri caves of Bhubaneshwar in Orissa. Here we have all 24 teerthankaras along with […]

Stay informed – Why suffer due to Yoga and Pranayam?

Dear AD, Thanks for all the information provided by you and I have almost read all the answers given by you for the negative effects of Paranayama. I do have the same problem as mentioned below: I have been doing the Pranayama when I was 19 years old and continued for almost 3 years. At […]

Palpitation and perspiration during meditation or prolonged silence

To Acharya Agyaatadarshan, I am a doctor and presently staying in ashram from past 2 years.i am doing meditation on and off from past 15 years. I am 35 years old.from past 2 years I am doing intense jan 2015 I started with 21 days silence. I was doing 8 hrs meditation daily(silent sitting),asan […]

Hatha Yoga – Does Nadishodhan precedes Shatkarmas?

  Respected Master, Many teachers, books quote Kapalbhati a process of purification in itself i.e. last of six shatkarma. Which is performed before proceeding towards pranayama. But, I learned reading your article that it is an advanced step which should be done after practicing asanas and nadi-shodhana for a sufficient time. Kindly throw some light. […]

Can I do Anulom-Vilom pranayama while walking?

Pranayama is very simple and it stays so provided we don’t start over simplifying it.. Applying too much logic is not less than foolishness. Don’t apply your logic to prove that Pranayama is just altered breathing. It is simply intellectualizing. Howsoever you may want to intellectualize about these simple laid down processes of breathing in and out, it is not possible for anyone to alter it or lax it for that matter. The methodologies for pranayama, preparations for the same are well defined. Anulom vilom is just nadi-shodhana.. a prerequisite to pranayama. But nadi-shodhana works only when you are calm, your mind and body is not engaged in any other volunteering actions.

Chest pain and coughing due to pranayama – kapalbahti and bhastrika

Ahara Shuddhi, Vihara Shuddhi, Vichara Shuddhi and Nadi-Shuddi are unavoidable prerequisites to yoga and pranayama practices and anyone who skips these suffers some or the other contraindications.

Raising the deads – The secrets of Samadhi and Parkaya Pravesh!

If a Master chooses to draw the vayus one after another then his body (after death) shall behave like any other ordinary person’s body. Most of the Masters prefer to not leave this body after setting the momentum of Vayus because then there is possibility of misuse of their body by some other spirit.

What is minimum number for any mantra?

A mantra is a tool to achieve this calming of mind and yet keeping it alert and open. It takes time to calm your mind and that is why some minimum number of times you need to repeat and contemplate upon it. If a mantra is small – the recitation or chanting laps are definitely increased. That way 108 is not the number always.. your practices should allow you minimum gestation period for it to work on you. It that reason for you hear of some mystical numbers 11 minutes, 21 days, 41 days, 1.25 Lakh, 1000 repetitions and so on…