The Gita: Srimad Bhagwadgita: श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता : Chapter 1:28 – 1:30

  Before resuming this journey with Srimad Bhagwadgita; I bow down to lotus feet of my first Guru, my revered father Pandit Shri Murli Dhar ji Mishr ,  my Vidya Guru, Kaul Shiromani Shri Shivanand Nath ji and all compassionate Masters of Gurumandala..  I pray for their love, support and guidance once again.. Shivoaham! प्रथमोSध्यायः… (Continued […]

Is Sex against spirituality and God’s way?

Priests and preachers are not Masters! No Master has ever condemned sex or women but only priests have. Most of our great seers and Rishi’s were married. They had children and still enjoyed enlightenment. Nanak, Kabir, Malookdas, Gurdjieff, Aurobindo Ghosh, Ramakrishna Paramhamsa, Neem Karoli baba, Gautam, Vashishtha, Kapil, Janak and thousands of others could never be treated spiritual if having sex and getting married was unnatural. God created this universe and this attribute of creativity can be exhibited by humans only through ‘sex’. It is through sex mankind expresses whatsoever little ‘godliness’ they have. There are enough divisions and causes of division let spirituality not divide the humanity on the basis of sex.

Spiritual message in Jagannath Puri Rath Yatra!

Much celebrated festival of Jagannath Puri is attended by thousands each year. The common people feel just by pulling the strings of the chariots till Gundeecha temples will liberate them but that is not true. There is no substitute for adopting a spiritual discipline and leading your life through the principles received from your Master.

Board Results worries – Sacred Programs for Students!

You are looking for success but success comes by maximizing your energies and using them intelligently. Sacred Association is coming up with programmes for students this summer of 2014. These programs are holistic development programmes for youths.
जीवन में सफलता का रहस्य है की आप अपनी ऊर्जाओं का उपयोग कैसे करते हैं | परन्तु उससे भी महत्वपूर्ण प्रश्न है की क्या आप ऊर्जावान हैं? स्वामी विवेकानंद ने अपने भाषणों में युवाओं के प्रति कई बार इस बात का जिक्र किया है कि शक्तिहीन होना मृत होने के समान है | यह बात बिलकुल सच है पर शक्तिशाली होने का अर्थ क्या है? इस शक्ति का स्रोत क्या है ? यदि यह बात हमें पता भी हो कि शरीर से ज्यादा मन की शक्ति मायने रखती है तो फिर उसे बढ़ाने के क्या उपाय बताये हैं हमारे ऋषियों ने – यह जानना उससे भी ज्यादा जरूरी है |

Preparing for Enlightenment in Vaishakh month – Happy Buddha Poornima

Summers are naturally suitable for attaining the highest in the field of spirituality due to higher strength of solar energies and pull. Yoga, Tantra and other practitioners must make best use of this period for their spiritual ascension.

Tantra – Total acceptance of Cosmic Love Energy

मानव शरीर में प्रवाहित हो रही ऊर्जाओं का प्रबंधन हो सके तो मनुष्यता के बहु-आयामी विकास की एक क्रांतिकारी शुरुआत हो सकती है। तंत्र कहता है कि इस मानव शरीर में ऊर्जाओं के सात केंद्र या चक्र हैं व इन्ही सप्त-चक्रों (मूलाधार, स्वाधिष्ठान, मणिपुर, अनाहत, विशुद्ध, आज्ञा एवं सहस्रार) के बीच प्रेम-शक्ति का सतत एवं सम्यक प्रवाह ही सम्यक स्वास्थ्य है ।

Spiritual Ascension : Tug of war between the forces of Gravity and Grace! (Part-III..Concluded)

Mind you! The realm of grace is beyond the reach of mind.. so learn to deal with it before you go to a Guru for the exact method. Zen Masters knew this art well.. and that’s why they kept giving koans to anyone who will approach them for ‘initiation’…

Chaitra Navaratri 2014 – Divine dance of Shakti!

Beloved Friends & TSV practitioners, Shivoham! This year’s Navaratri shall begin on 31st of March and this high energy period shall last till 8th of April. This time around we have beginning of New Year in many Indian calendars so it is appropriate that I wish all of you, especially the residents of Bhaaratvarsh a […]

Spiritual Ascension : Tug of war between the forces of Gravity and Grace! (Part-II)

You can enter the realm of Heavens being in this human body. But the rule says ‘Only Gods can enjoy the realm of Grace’. So, being godlike is your job… the kingdom of grace comes to you automatically.

Spiritual Ascension : Tug of war between the forces of Gravity and Grace! (Part-I)

Shivoham! Many of you may have experienced those peculiar feeling of your body being as heavy as a stone. At such times you feel your feet are too heavy to carry your weight and you become sluggish and drained out.. as if not capable of any action.. on those moments you just want to lie […]