How do we get rid of cycle of Birth & Death?

Seekers have questions galore. Out of these questions and answers thereof they try to demystify the concept of God intellectually. However this could be dangerous because if you get too many answers your God becomes an entity, an understanding residing in your brain rather than your being and infinite space around.

Our inner light is brighter than everything else

Vaastu, Feng-Sui and all such external aids are just aids for those who are devoid of powerful energy-fields of their own. Moreover Vastu is not the science to elevate you spiritually. It is only a means to guide you on what are suitable places and directions for certain activities in your house. The human life is not as dependent on anything as on its own radiance and power. Your inner core when illuminated even partially starts producing a glow, radiance, an energy field which nullifies all such minor energy obstacles (if at all around).

A book written by Shri GS Sharma on Sukhmani Sahib

(Sukhmani Sahib – Released by Acharya Sri Agyaatdarshan)Beloved Soul, In our daily prayers we all hail our mortal Guru as the embodiment of the divine guiding light from the highest source however only those who rise up the rungs of spiritual ladder realize how true is this. They experience that the “Akshar Braham” and Anaadi Sadguru are those eternal ones who are […]