Questions about Pranayama & Yoga (Part-I)

Conscious breathing is a bodily process and shows tangible effects on your bodily functions whereas ‘pranayama’ is a spiritual process which overshoots the domain of bodily functions thus entering a plane from where ‘pratyahara’ (detaching your sense organs from their respective sense objects) becomes possible.

Initiation in to “Tattva Shakti Vigyaan” by Shakti Devpriya at IHC Lodhi Road, New Delhi

The science of establishing connections and controlling Elemental energies is known as “Tattva Shakti Vigyaan” and is part of Vedic wisdom (Atharva Veda). The most important part of this science is understanding our own built-up in terms of elemental energies. After you understand this, the next step is to learn the technique of balancing your original elemental make up. The final phase for this first level is to establish connection with the elemental energies.

This Ganga Dessera let the Ganges of divine grace descend upon you..

Beloved Soul, On the pious occasion of upcoming Ganga dushhera, Acharya ji has shared his enlightening views through an article in Daily Hindustan [ 15th May, Hindustan (Delhi) ]. He has revealed deeper spiritual secret about this festival and asks us all to stay prepared to receive unbound Divine Grace from Universe… I wish all Tattva Shakti Vigyaan Practitioners use […]

Is Kapalbhati killing you?

Divine Salutations to all Friends! When our beloved Master AD first used such a line as “Pranayama is Killing you – Vedic Yog Rahasya”  almost two years back,  people frowned.. hate-mails and strong objections stromed in. Some people even told him to shut up! With more articles on Yoga and Pranayama from Master AD,  people gradually […]