How is your relationship with yourself?


Always respect and accept your parents wholeheartedly. Ever wondered what does this really mean and why so many cultures emphasize on it as much? What confuses most of us raised and brought up in our times is, our parents are just as human as everyone else and come with flaws and strengths like everyone else. So, how can we ignore things that are “wrong” even if it is our own parents! While we may do our best showing our respect and acceptance, I am really talking about inner acceptance and respect here. This is beyond words and actions; this is about our very thoughts. Let’s explore.

The very first people we make a relationship with, even before we are born in this world are our parents. I am not trying to appeal to emotions here. This relationship is the most sacred of all relationships not just because our parents brought us into this world but this relationship is crucial as it helps define our own character and relationship with our own self! Yes that’s right! The kind of relationship we nurture with our own parents will determine the relationship we build with our very own being.

The worst damage we can do to our own self is when we react negatively to anything regarding our parents whether it is their nature, behavior, beliefs, habits or what they ask us to do or say. It is a simple yet profound reality. Our negative reaction to what we don’t like about them creates a split/conflict within our own self. How does this happen? As children we are bound to inherit some of their traits (good and bad) and worse still we may ourselves be bringing a truckload of similar traits which is why we chose the parents we did in this life. Our distaste towards them is eventually going to turn against our own being and this will reflect in everything else we do in this world.

For this reason, instead of reacting negatively do what you would to yourself, accept and be the gentle change agent. If we are able to practice this patiently with our own parents, relationships in general, at least the near and dear relationships will be less burdensome to handle.  When we accept ourselves with complete awareness, we build a healthy relationship with ourselves and this ultimately reflects in our outward relationships with the world around us as well. We cannot even start judging others by this criterion, as this is something each one of us needs to know for our own self and cultivate the awareness and grow internally. It would be hard to place politicians if we start judging others! The key to building successful, reliable and honest relationships starts with building a healthy relationship with self.

Contributed by : Jhankhna Verma
Tattva Shakti Vigyaan Practitioner from USA

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