India News voices AD’s views on Pranayama!!

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Today’s post would be particularly enchanting for our Hindi readers. I am posting an article of our beloved Acharya ji that was recently published (4th to 10th June) in one of the most widely distributed weekly publication, “India News”. India News acknowledged the fact that in the scenario where there are yoga gurus budding as mushrooms all over the world, there is a need to guide yoga lovers and disciples towards the Vedic tradition of yoga, as Vedas are the root of yoga. The article was written by Acharyaji in view of many mails received asking for more information on Nadi-shodhan, particularly concerning its correct method. We are thankful to India News and its responsible editors in supporting us to spread the word.

Needless to say that correctly attempted Pranayama is highly beneficial in helping a person to maintain balance and poise on all levels that is physical, mental and spiritual. Acharya ji has always emphasize to complete Nadi Shodhan before trying any other Pranayama technique. The article gives a glimpse about the vedic method of Nadi-shodhan. Although it is still advised to the readers to learn the method directly from a Master in person.

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  1. Hello, im a journalist doing an article on TV yoga and the concealed ill effects. cd you pls email me back? Id like to send some questions pls.

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