Is Kapalbhati killing you?

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When our beloved Master AD first used such a line as “Pranayama is Killing you – Vedic Yog Rahasya”  almost two years back,  people frowned.. hate-mails and strong objections stromed in. Some people even told him to shut up!

With more articles on Yoga and Pranayama from Master AD,  people gradually started opening up and even shared their issues publically albeit in our classroom sessions we always had people telling the true stories of sufferring due to wrong practices of Pranayama and other fast breathing exercises.

It is only after Yoga legend, BKS Iyengar spoke openly against the commercialization and corrputing the real Yoga, people are now trying to find out the authenticity of that very Yoga they embraced like their own lost child, years back. Our beloved Master  is satisfied.. for the results matter not the person or medium. Its is realy solace for his own Yoga Mentor Sri Balenduji Giri Maharaj who was fighting the lone battle against wrong practices of Yoga being propagated through TV.. hardly any government officials or ministers bothered to listen to him. Only recently when they saw Baba Ramdev as a threat many politicians were keen to see him.

So, if you find someone playing with breath do ask him/her where from he/she learnt it.. Ask a minute from them. Tell them they must review their decision of continuing with pranayama. Ask them to have a look at what Gayatri Jayaraman says in The & The Wall Street Journal..

She asks the TV Yoga Fanatics & Live air-pumping machines –  “Is Kapalbhati Killing you?”

Happy reading.. Happy breathing!

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3 comments on “Is Kapalbhati killing you?

  1. originally it is kapalabhati (kapala means the vacume part of the head bones). But the t v yoga gurus have made it stomachbhati. stomach moves a little while doing it but the main action is in kapala i.e., between/among the inside of ears, eyes, noses, mouth and below the forehead. stomach should not be the centre of action in kapalabhati, it should be kapala.
    Machi reddy

  2. I started doing this exercise around 5 months back. now I have stopped doing it and I am fine again. I tried this twice and everytime i faced this issue. Issue is, while sleeping I realise that I am unable to breath . I analysed and found that due to kapal bhati, I was unknowingly training my lungs to push air out andstead of applying force to inhale. If you can consider a near death experience.. so avoid it.

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