Only Meditation reveals True Purpose of life!

|| Yes! There is light within ||
|| Yes! There is light within ||

Blessings, I’ve just discovered your blog and must say I enjoy it very much but I have a conflict which I hope you might be able to help me with.

As a child when making a beautifull sandcastle in the childrens playground, the next day it is destroyed and replaced by another beautifull sandstructure from another child which also gets replaced the day after that. And finally after 10 years of creating and destroying the childrens playground is gone and replaced by a swimming pool. After a 100 years the swimming pool gets destroyed and replaced with a new childrens playground where you can build sandcastles again. If these cycles keep continuing over and over regardless of our efforts why then should these children keep building their beautifull sandcastles?

If you start to understand the cycles of the universe then there seems no point anymore in doing anything at all.
16 billion years ago we were all stardust and there will be a time we all return to being stardust again and then the cycle starts again from the beginning. It is a mathematical pattern or script that will continue to repeat itself regardless of what we do so why do or be anything at all?

- Maarten

Beloved Maarten,

Blessings from Masters..

There is no point and purpose here in this world’s creation and annihilation unless we use our heart. In fact it is only dry logic of your mind which takes you to that conclusion where all your plays, tasks, projects, ambitions, endeavors seem futile.. with no end in view. Actually no one has ever been able to add any value, joy or contentment without conjoining heart with mind!

Science is the way of logic but did that create inner joy, harmony, bliss and purpose in your personal life? No! It only got you some pleasures, comforts and conveniences of common man. It is the scientist who in his meditative-ness receives the momentary glimpses of bliss once he discovers or postulates something new or valuable. He is definitely blissful at that “Eureka moment”. That too happens because the scientist is following his passion of discovering something new. And Maarten passion is the matter of heart, you see. (smiles)

Why be so much bogged down by this logical outcome of mind’s contemplation which promotes inactivity, lethargy and makes you freeze… to be totally away from any sort of action. And Yes! If that refrain-ment from Karma or action gives you bliss (which is the sole purpose of every soul here on this planet) you are still not wrong… It happens so on the path of Gnaan Yoga (Gyaan Yoga) however the right attitude is maintained while being in the company of a Master so that you are not completely awestruck on the seemingly purposelessness of this whole humdrum called universe.

And that is why Master says.. “It is only in meditation you discover true meaning of it all. And what is meditation….? Meditation is the process of reducing mind to just the level of alertness.. No logic, No thinking, No concluding.. Nothing! just being there and observing. It is that state when purpose of this all is revealed… and I say unto you with conviction “There is a purpose in making tiny sand-castles… for it is innocence.. not ignorance.”

Further.. if overuse (you may still feel it is optimum) of mind and logic makes your life devoid of love, joy and creativity… If it stops you from dancing and rejoicing.. if it makes life look like an endless circle where things are anyways going to come to that point where from it all started.. then change the outlook. I ask you something….

“Does your life, in your personal experience looks like a circle?”

“Does it end where from it started?”

“Can you stay inactive even for a moment, even if you are completely convinced of your thoughts?”

If not.. then have heart. Meditate.. Meditate.. Meditate.. Only this will help you levitate and float above the cobweb of logical thinking of mind and you will see some light right here.. right now!

Love and light,


Ach. Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath

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