Do Past life Karmas hinder in experiencing spiritual bliss?

|| Sacred Helping Hands  - Masters are waiting out there ||
|| Sacred Helping Hands – Masters are waiting out there ||

Acharya ji

I have a question related to my condition. I have been practising meditation but have never experienced the bliss or happiness from it to say the least. Would like to understand that what is the role of past life karma in such resistance or difficulty in connecting with the higher self. Is there a possibility to overcome such karmic aspects by meditation, offcourse in addition to karma in this life?

How can tattva shakti vigyan help to overcome such obstacles and experience the bliss? Is there a possibility to enhance different aspects of life and the intuitive ability?



Beloved Anshul,

Karma is a very complicated subject and frankly no one has ever been able to explain and comprehend it in its totality. The reasons are simple and quite clearly so.. its like a drop trying to understand ocean.. a moment trying to understand eternity of time.. its like a ‘character’ of a story trying to understand its creator ‘author’, its like a so called intelligent, self-learning ROBOT trying to understand the intelligence of scientist which created it! Nevertheless Masters who have dived deep in the ocean of infinite intelligence have given some clarity (though limited) about how karma principle operates, albeit with a rider (“No one…. including great Masters and Gyaanis can also not understand its principles completely). They have told us that there are three types of karmas

1. Sanchita Karmas (The storehouse of all accumulated works/actions and intentions)

2. Prarabdha Karmas (The ones which are ripe or to be unfolded in some fructuous actions within this lifetime)

3. Kriyamana or Agami Karmas (Whatever is being done currently, walking, talking, thinking, all works are kriyamana)

A very common analogy to understand these karmas is given as – Sanchita is like a Tarkash (the vessel in which your arrows are kept), The arrow currently being shot.. on the Bow is Kriyamana and the Ones which have already been shot (whether reached the target or still on the way) can be roughly taken as Prarabdha.   Further there are 3 types of Prarabdha – Ichchaa, Anichchaa, Para-ichchaa…

There’s so much to talk and understand about past karmas and the ones which you carry with you and the ones which you have already done in this life, One can unnecessary get entangled in trying to just understand all about karmic working/operating principle and spend one’s lifetime. Yet at the end we will not be able to understand it completely as has already been stated by Masters but is not and should not become an obstacle in performing our actions which are very well within control (controlling the kriyamana). At least these karmas whose consequences are very well understandable by our limited mind.. can be planned within the capacity of our limited intelligence. And I see you have no issues with that because you say “offcourse in addition to karma in this life”

The approximate answer to your question is No.  The experience is something which is in the domain of mind and senses. The three tools which we have for experiencing the divinity and associated bliss with it is – Body, Energies and Mind. Body has senses and Mind has thoughts. All these three have both their inertia and their dynamics; which can support, hinder or modify the overall experience. So to deepen our experience we will have to recreate our being in a much more better organized way.. to such a state which is congenial to absorb and experience subtle phenomena.

Here to achieve this the best which we can do is – purify and rearrange our bodily composition, its senses + remove the impurities from energies and mobilize, activate and channelize the energies to newer levels + unclog our mind, work on our perceptions and get rid of them, sharpen our intellect and improve our sensitivity. And Tattva Shakti Vigyaan does exactly the same. It purified your bodily composition by working on your tattvic structure. Works on your energies by unclogging your energy-channels and bringing about balance and activity in there. Also purifies, detoxes and strengthens our minds so that it becomes sharp, sensitive and stable. Once you are able to achieve this through your Tattva Shakti Vigyaan practices under the guidance, support and protection of Gurumandala it becomes easy to dive deeper in your unknown realms. You become open, sensitive and receptive to all new bands of energies in your being thus experience is bound to deepen.

As far as other aspects of life like ESP, Intuition etc. they come almost very easily to a devout, disciplined and dedicated TSV practitioner. The one who understands, receives and accepts the principles given out by Gurumandala progresses well. Though Tattva Shakti Vigyaan does not aim at achieving such siddhis or accomplishments but they do happen as a positive, fringe effect of your deeper connectivity with the infinite reservoir of consciousness, joy and intelligence.

Anshul, Right path, Master’s Guidance, discipline in practice and patience are ‘the keys’ to pragmatic spiritual transformation and experience!

Blessings from Masters…

- Acharya Agyaatadarshan

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  1. Pranam Guruji,
    I was always baffled by the Karma Theory! Though as you mentioned that no one can fully understand it completely, however the explanation and guidance shared by you is extremely wonderful.

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