Pranamaya and Spiritual Growth – Part II


I would like to practice nadishodhana twice a day, morning and evening. In the morning, should there be a time gap between Nadishodhana and eating breakfast? Also, should Nadishodhana be practice before or after taking shower, or does it really matter? What is the right time to practice Nadishodhana in the evening? Any time gap between dinner and Nadishodhana practice?

– JS

Beloved JS,

As per mention in Vedic literature pranayama should be practiced only after completion of Nadishodhana regime. Ideally four sessions of Nadishodhan (64 Holds) are to be done in a day. It is also mentioned that when this practice is done four times a day Nadishodhana is accomplished in 3 months. No need to worry if you cant manage to practice it 4 times a day because parallel mention is also there in some scriptures that if it is done once a day it takes 1 year of continuous practice to complete Nadi-shudhdhi. With your discipline of two times a day (with 64 Holds)  it shall take 6 months. In case you are not able to devote this much time then split one session of 64 Hols in two sessions of 32 each.. That means evening and morning practice added together will make it 64 Holds and time for Nadishuddhi will be 1 year. In the morning this practice should be done after showers/bath and a gap of 30 Mins to be observed between the practice and your breakfast.

Mostly when you do Nadishodhana your body sweats more during the practice. Please bear in mind that this sweat is not to be wiped off (using a cloth/handkerchief/tissue etc.) rather it should be allowed to be dried on the body itself. Some of people find this odor/smell of sweat bit unpleasant hence want to take shower afterwards. If your sweat odor is strong and you would like to take shower after your practices it is advised your practices be completed 30-45 mins before bath. This time period is to allow this ojus laden sweat to be reabsorbed by your skin.  It preserves your vital prana preserved.

Nadishodhana can be done anytime during the day however we should ensure that 3.5 to 4 Hrs gap is maintained after Lunch/Dinner and 1.5 to 2 Hours gap is given after breakfast/light snacks. Nadishodhana (when 4 times a day practice is followed) is done at mid-night also hence any time of evening can be fixed for this practice. No need to take shower before in evening session.. just change of cloths and face,hands,feet should be washed. In yogic practices following a fixed schedule is more important as this makes it more effective.

Please keep in mind that during the NadiShodhana regime your food intake should not be laden with meat, eggs, heavy fried objects, sea-food etc. Have sattvik food with less amount of spices. Strictly stay away from alcohol or alcoholic beverages and soft-drinks. Consume lots of water, fresh juices, milk and half-baked vegetables. One spoon of clarified butter (preferably cow’s ghee) should be taken everyday.

Also do not forget to take sun-bath and barefoot walking on grass (minimum 10 mins) at least two times a week – this shall ensure your Elemental Energies are also kept balanced. Tattva Shakti Vigyaan practitioners are advised to consume certain herbs which enhance physical strength and mental alertness however in your case it is not needed as of now.

Blessings from Masters..

– Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath

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2 comments on “Pranamaya and Spiritual Growth – Part II

  1. Dear AcharyaJi

    Thanks for all the information. One quick follow up question. When you say 64 holds, does that mean 64 holds split across 4 sessions during the day or 64 holds in one single session ? Please clarify.

    1. Beloved JS,

      This count of 64 is of one session. However if you feel this 64 Kumbhakas (Hold) are taking much too long for one sitting you can afford to.. its is better to split this one session in two (32 in morning and 32 in evening). Thus effectively you have only one session per day.


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