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As per WCRF organization more than 1.1 million cases of prostate cancer were recorded in 2012, accounting for around 8 per cent of all new cancer cases and 15 per cent in men. It is a well known fact that Prostate Cancer is the second most common cancer and cause of death in men above 50. Yet another revelation is made on another popular cancer forum is that an estimated 29,720 men will die from prostate cancer in 2013 (1,550 more than in 2012).. Seems like an epidemic is about to set in. Further it is said that Two thirds of cases of prostate cancer are diagnosed in more developed regions of the world. Does this worry you?

Although there is no known or established cause for Prostate Cancer. However it is said that DNA mutation (Either Inherited or occurring during lifetime)  is the major cause. It is also said that Most DNA mutations related to prostate cancer seem to develop during a man’s life rather than having been inherited. Since these mutations happen during lifetime we might be contributing to these also have some control on it as well. This is good news for you from Medical fraternity however they aren’t able to recommend what you could do to prevent it. You can look towards what Masters suggest about it.

To be able to understand why this medical condition manifests once again we will have to focus our attention to the Energy Body make up of Human beings. In the male human body the root Chakra corresponds to the positioning of prostate. Since the masculine sexual instinct keeps this chakra almost overwhelmed. Also it doesn’t happen so that whatever sexual impulses are felt around will find their immediate physical release so certain kind of accumulation continues to happen there.  Those who are routinely releasing it they stand better chances of not developing this issue. And probably that is the reason doctor’s have observed that most of men who are sexually hyper-active are less prone to prostate cancer. Let me clarify to those who might be contemplating increasing their frequency of sexual releases – First, there is always a time-gap between the stimulus (it goes on all the times in your head) and release so its like filling a gas-cylinder almost to its tolerance limits and then releasing it later. Think of the physical damage it would have already caused by the time you turn the valve on. Secondly it is not suitable for those who are engaged in any kind of spiritual practices. So working on the instincts (cause) is the primary focus here not the release.

Mind you! Retention is not always forceful or conscious.. in fact there is constant tug of war going on between the two layers of your mind – the subconscious mind keeps telling the body that it is not right to express sexuality here wherein the conscious mind continues to desire the object of sex. Whatever way you understand it..  this forceful retention of sexual energies affect every chakra in the body however most damage is caused to the root chakra. The physical response of prostate gland is ‘enlargement’ and in extreme conditions some tissues give up and say ‘Can’t take more!’ thus pathological changes take place. 

The possible preventive measures would be following of these -

1. Natural Control over sexual urges

2. Transmutation and ascension of Sexual energies

3. Regular cleansing of Energy Built-Up in Root Chakra

4. Associated Tattva’s Cleansing

Since Tattva Shakti Vigyan works on all the above factor i.e. its regular practice calm down agitated state of your being thus naturally reducing your sexual urges as these result mostly due to the overuse of your ‘imaginative faculty’.  Better mind control = lesser possibility of trigger. Since a TSV practitioner effectively handle the energies and makes them move upward during sadhana to other creative centers (chakras) hence second point is taken care of. The cleansing.. whether it be of Nadis, Chakras, Pranamaya Kosha or Tattvas; is an essential part of TSV practices hence a devout TSV practitioner can be quite confident of not suffering from this disease unless he carried inherited genes. Once again I must reiterate that I am not making any claim here rather open to research based long term investigation if someone is interested.

Further this would be unfair on my part to not suggest something for those who are yet to get  initiated in ‘Tattva Shakti Vigyaan’. They can do following -

1. Regular cleansing of genitals and lowermost part of their trunk with cold water

2. Practice of Siddhasana for 15 minutes (this can be done during regular puja routine etc.)

3. Practice of Mool-bandha (Learn it from a qualified Yoga instructor) coupled with deep/abdominal breathing for minimum of 5 minute daily.

4. Staying away from unnecessary sexual thoughts and stimulation.

5. Seeing shakti or Goddess in all women, even if they happen to be their partners.

Your thoughts and lifestyle in association with a spiritual discipline is sure way to keep you less prone to diseases. So take up one before it is too late. Yes one thing more – world can never be disease free.. or else how will God repay us of our karma.. so if things don’t go your way learn to accept it. The healing begins with acceptance.

Blessings from Masters..

- Ach. Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath


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