Relax your Mind – It is the best Supplement for healthy brain and body!

|| Learn to Relax your Mind ||
|| Learn to Relax your Mind ||

Can we drink 1 teaspoon of honey + amla juice with lukewarm water in morning? Is it good for brain and body? – S G

Beloved SG,

I don’t think you are having any problems with your brain or for that matter with body.. but it seems your ‘mind’ is making you feel so. Unless one is infected or affected with some deadly fungi, virus or very old age the physical instrument ‘brain’ doesn’t become unhealthy however the functioning of the ‘brain’ manifested as ‘mind’ can always create a major hindrance in body’s normal ‘health-restoration-process’… through the brain of course.

You seem to be too much worried about the brain and body.. nothing unlikely though because majority of people have this issue. They thing their body is not working well while the real culprit is mind. They try all sorts of things, supplements, medication and what not but Alas! that doesn’t seem to work in such cases.

The best health supplement available for most people who thinks they are diseased is deep ‘Relaxation’. Now you may be wondering I am not saying ‘Meditation’.. I am not saying so because when people project their imagination on their action of meditation they expect unusual experiences. In the first place large number of people can’t meditate because they have neither mastered relaxation nor concentration completely. And meditation happens on its own when either of these two ripen with consistent practice.

SG, you think that Amla and Honey will do the trick. While it may do some good but if you spend sometime analyzing your own thoughts, desires (that includes the passion for healthy body and brain), thinking pattern, quality of interactions you have with others, your soliloquies and dreams you will understand that it is not in the ‘body’ or ‘brain’ but in the mind.  You need to understand your mind and once you know what are its temptations and compulsions you shall be able to give it ‘rest’ too.

I have received many questions from you in the past and I understand what sorts of games your mind is playing with you. So my advice to you is seek refuse in the commands of a Master. Attend satsang, that too without any intention of imposing your worldview on others, do some swadhayaya and may be your next question will not be about Honey, Amala, Garlic or Brahmi.. And we shall be discussing something more meaningful.

Don’t feel I am not concerned with your health. If you are able to walk, talk and think properly I consider you to be health but keep in mind.. whatever we do, whatever we eat.. we aren’t going to stay young forever. And that is the crux of the matter.. matter withers but mind can flower with each passing day if we have the intentions.

Blessings from Masters..

– Ach. Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath


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