Should I do pranayama when nose blocked?

Dear AD,

I am living in Bangalore and have problem with Sinus. I sneeze quite often (especially during monsoon and colder months). Which Asana can help me with this? Should I do pranayama when one of my nose is blocked because of Sinus?



Beloved Rohit,


Sinusitis or not,  pranayama shouldn’t be done without completing Nadi-Shodhana. However even Nadishodhana practice would require sufficiently free passage for air through the nostrils and sinus like condition would be required to be healed to some extent before trying it. You may also try jogging for few minutes before attempting any breathing exercise, improved blood circulation sometimes helps in de-congesting your nasal cavity.

You should do Jal-Neti with lukewarm water (mixed with little common salt) regularly, it shall be help you. In asanas you can give start pashchimottaan asana and sarvaangasana. These asanas have powerful healing effect on nasal congestion.

Relaxation in nature, sunbath shall be calming. If you would have been initiated in Tattva Shakti Vigyaan then I would have recommended connecting with Fire-Element – It has miraculous healing effect in many such ailments. Ensure disciplined diet and avoid sleeping during the day.

Blessings from Masters

– Ach. Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath

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