Should I use magnetic wrist band?
|| Random Overdose of it – Not advisable||


AD, what are your views on Magnetic Wrist Bands. Felt like wearing one and thought to seek your inputs.

- SR

Beloved SR,

But for what I ask?

Human body has been designed for low to moderate exposures to EM radiations and functions well when certain physical fields like Electric, Magnetic or Gravitational are within its tolerable range. If we believe evolution theorists this human body is the outcome of state of the art technology which is still sole propriety of the ‘Creator’ or ‘God’. And we have no reason to doubt that He would have designed this body keeping in view all the factors.. like our habitat, surrounding fields and the characteristics of planet we live in. Perfectly so or else the human race would have perished by now owing to the activities beyond its habitat, earth.

Although space beyond the earth’s stratosphere is a happening place. Every moment thousands of new stars are being born, old stars are dying, galaxies are expanding, deadly space storms are moving with highest of speeds. All sorts of gigantic activities keep happening out there but we stay protected here. It has been discovered that Earth’s magnetic field is His way of protecting us. It works as a protective shield from all the deadly radiations coming in. Even the so called  the  ‘source of life’ called Sun would annihilate us if this protective cover of magnetic field did not exist.

Magnetism is a wonderful phenomenon and quite understandably we should be enthusiastic to understand it better and then use this field to our advantage. But over-enthusiastic experimenters without studying its effects on human body have made people guinea-pigs. All I am saying that they are just experimenting with this field (of course making huge money too) without having to offer any logical (leave scientific) explanation of its healing mechanism.

Earth’s magnetic field is in the range of just few tens of micro Tesla and even that was studied by our ancient seers. It is the same reason they came up with rules for aligning our bodies with earth’s magnetic field. For example in the current manvantara based on the north-south pole orientation of earth we have been advised to sleep in particular direction (head or feet facing certain direction N-E-W-S). There are certain spiritual practices which are to be performed facing certain directions. To your surprise a whole system of kundalini awakening exists in which a sadhaka has to orient his body in specific way for few years to get the desired results. And all these systems are there to offer logical explanations to what these intend to deliver. Now think, if such a low strength of field can work wonders for you what impact it would be to use few hundred or thousand times strong field close to your body. For better understanding a fridge magnet is about 0.001 tesla. If we compare the Earth’s magnetic field is about 0.00005 tesla and an average MRI magnet measures 1.5 tesla.

To some extent the use of tiny button magnets at certain points on chi meridians on body can be called a valid experimentation however saying the wrist band would help..  leave apart the other factors like strength or orientation even the point of exposure is not fixed hence the benefits are extremely doubtful.


– Ach. Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath

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