Stay informed – Why suffer due to Yoga and Pranayam?


Dear AD,

Thanks for all the information provided by you and I have almost read all the answers given by you for the negative effects of Paranayama. I do have the same problem as mentioned below:
I have been doing the Pranayama when I was 19 years old and continued for almost 3 years. At that time I was doing it for 1 Hour daily and if possible then in evening as well. I watched this on TV and started it. Also, at that time I was doing Bhastrika 5 mins, Kapalbhati 15 mins, AnulomVilom 15 mins and Bhramari for 10 times. At that time I did not feel any negative effects. Now I am 25 and occasionally do Pranayam. From Last 3 Months I have doing this frequently but in afternoon 11 AM to 12 PM, Bhastrika 5 Mins, Kapalbhati 10-15 mins, Anulomvilom 10 mins or less and Bhramarai…But from last 2-3 weeks My right eye started to fluctuate and my vision got poorer as compare to previous. I keep doing Pranayama and thought that Pranayama will cure it but no improvement. From Yesterday I have stopped it but not getting significant relief after it. I have below issues now:

1) Occasional Hedaches

2) Problem in eye, poor vision

3) Not able to concentrate and always tired

4) Right eye which has slight poor vision as compare to left eye..

5) Not able to think in right way and memory loss…

Could you please suggest the remedy for same? I am so much worried and regret my act of wrong Pranayams, Can this action have caused me permanent damage? Can it be ok itself? Please suggest what problem has caused me this?

Thank you.

Beloved Noname,

If you have read other articles of mine on Pranayam, you would have known that it is not advisable to engage in bhastrika, kapalbhati type high speed pranayamas before completing Nadi-Shodhan regime. In fact Nadishodhan is a full breathing and energy discipline in itself and leads the practitioner not only to physical benefits but also prepares one to take on the further journey (of course if one is interested) in spiritual domain.

All the symptoms you have mentioned are very much possible by angering of prana-vayu in the body.

Hikkaa-kaasastathaa-swaasah shirah karnaakshi vedanaa |

Bhavanti Vividhaa rogaah pavanasya-vyatkramaat ||

This verse is commonly mentioned in most of the authentic books of Yoga, which means hiccups, coughing, asthma, diseases and pains of eyes, ears and head along with many other unknown diseases can creep in body if air (pawan) is angered (due to wrong breathing practices/pranayam). Hence, you can’t rule out the possibility of this happening to you upon re-starting your pranayama regime after a very long period. Simple possible reason is nadis getting clogged and unable to handle excess energy. In the first place you should not have engaged in pranayam practices over and above you are committing the mistake of doing it ‘occasionally’. This is THE reason and hope answers your last question. Now the other questions..

You ask Is there any remedy? – Frankly, there is no remedy whatsoever except allowing the body to heal on its own. That is the reason we strictly recommend people in our Tattva Shakti Vigyaan workshops about staying away from pranayams. For you the suggestion is.. Stay relaxed as much as you can. Stay away from exercises and intoxicants like alcohol, smoking etc. Drink lots of water, eat healthy and vitamin rich food. One more thing, if added (especially relevant for men) with these is conserving your semen for the duration of healing. Ojas, which is generated in body upon combustion of semen has enormous healing ability and can accelerate the healing process. So stay celibate for minimum of 90 days and hope for the best.

You share your worry and ask Is damage caused by Pranayams is permanent? It may or may not be depending upon the extent and severity of damage it has caused to your delicate and extremely complex nadi-system. This nadi-system is a network of almost 3,50,000 thin wires which carry energy within your body. Some books give different numbers however most popular number which people accept is 72,000 number of nadis. Whatever the case, you must understand that these nadis in some parts of body are extremely thin.. beyond microscopic range.. I would say these become almost invisible at the extremes. Thin ends are rarely affected by excessive flow of energy or angered vayu and even if something causes a damage they resurrect and recreate themselves more often than not. Also at that level the node interconnections are very much interchangeable. For example when your skin is cut or damaged (and damage is not very deep like in high grade burns) due to some accident the almost restores itself to normal. The two basic functions of skin i.e. touch and perspiration along with its physical appearance is retained after body heals however that is not the case when you experience a fracture in bone or a muscle rupture. Such pains haunt people for life even after they heal completely. Ask people who have undergone surgeon’s knife and they will tell you how those invisible scars hidden deep below still give piercing pain even after years have passed !

Similarly if the damages are not very deep.. expect them to heal in next 3 months or else live with the problems for life. Such terrible experiences with world’s most beautiful discipline (Yoga) can be avoided only if we choose our practices and teachers wisely. Information is key – And that is why I keep on replying to almost similar questions every day.. hoping someday people will understand the importance of it all.

Hope you are wiser now!

– Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

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    I am 46 yrs old weighing 89 kgs and a height of 5 5 cms.What are the yogic practices to reduce my weight?

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