What is minimum number for any mantra?

A mantra is a tool to achieve this calming of mind and yet keeping it alert and open. It takes time to calm your mind and that is why some minimum number of times you need to repeat and contemplate upon it. If a mantra is small – the recitation or chanting laps are definitely increased. That way 108 is not the number always.. your practices should allow you minimum gestation period for it to work on you. It that reason for you hear of some mystical numbers 11 minutes, 21 days, 41 days, 1.25 Lakh, 1000 repetitions and so on…

What is significance of 108? Why can’t I chant mantra for as many times as I like..

In fact there are 108 major energy points or chakras within your own body which are like windows in your being where from you can peep into “cosmic realms”. And which 108 points shall be used in your Mantra recitation (application) is decided by the master.

Tantra – The spiritual Science of taming Energy

Scientists agree that whatever tangible exists in this universe is matter or energy. Yet another postulate from one of great scientist Albert Einstein proved that even matter is energy. So what we are left with.. is only energy as the ONLY constituent of this reality is ‘Shakti’. Scientists are trying to find out mechanical or physical methods to tame this energy and succeeded in it partially. Tantra gives out techniques to tame this energy in other possible ways.

Parkinson’s disease – Easing it through Yoga, Meditation & Tattva Shakti Vigyaan

Medical scientists say when dopamine is produced one feels happy but i have my own doubts about this because how can one start feeling happy without being happy. So I say it is ‘being happy’ which triggers this process of dopamine production.

Is Spirituality for everyone… LGBT included?

You be a gay, lesbian or hetro until you cling to body, your awareness is body-centric, you feel that joy comes from copulation with another ‘body’ you can’t step on the path of spirituality but the preparations can be taken up irrespective of your sexual orientation. Spirituality begins when we begin inward journey.. when we start being aware of our core of being.. which is nameless, formless, timeless and always joyous.

Can TSV help in further deepening my spiritual experiences?

Before you commit yourself to any spiritual practices – be sure if that is a Path, a road, a track towards the destination towards your core of being or just an arrangement or technique to make you feel comfortable with the outer world. People turn towards spirituality because they want to be healed, get rid of their pains, improve their relationships, finances and health… but think again because once these issues will get resolved what remains to be attained? Solution oriented spirituality is business of marketplace. Authentic spirituality begins only with the quest of true knowledge – and ends when you dissolve in that knowledge.

Can I go to pubs & brothels and still advance spiritually?

Balancing life has another aspect.. a deeper one than meets the eyes. It is not about ‘the balancing act’ at all.. it is about feeling balanced and contented from within. It is about taking responsibility of your actions and it is about having a vision. It is about having a purpose in this journey called life.

Which one to follow – Mind or heart?

If you want to justify logically any of your action the same mind will in fact always give you logic.. reasons for why you should be doing something and to your amusement for why you should NOT be doing the same thing both at the same time! So today if you dont follow its advice tomorrow you can find out reasons for not following the choice it presented.