Does surrendering to divine help me receive ‘The best’?

Surrendering can be understood best by this example. Suppose you get a firm news/call just now that you have been selected for a gift and in next two hours someone will deliver you 1 Crore rupees at your doorstep. But – The condition of this lottery/Gift is that you should be fast asleep when the person knocks the door.

Is only awareness sufficient to get rid of negativities in life?

Many Masters have opined that awareness is that fire which is capable of transforming your personality and helps you burn your negative traits however I have different view here considering – You are neither your body or Mind nor your accumulated Sanskaras. You are the pure soul on a journey of self-discovery with a sophisticated vehicle (known as Panchkosha) for this mission.

Is desiring spiritual growth a selfish endeavour?

You may be thinking “How can I become unselfish despite being engaged in normal day to day activity?”. Tao of creation teaches the same. In brief – the trick is to be aware of your “self” all the time. When you become aware of your self and your awareness deepens the emotions like selfishness, anger, jealousy etc. just start vaporizing. Surrendering the fruit of Karma to the divine is another great way to become free from the burden of selfishness. Good of bad, whatever be outcome of your actions rooted in duty – are His. Choose what you want but do not mistake duty for selfishness.