Hatha Yoga – Does Nadishodhan precedes Shatkarmas?

  Respected Master, Many teachers, books quote Kapalbhati a process of purification in itself i.e. last of six shatkarma. Which is performed before proceeding towards pranayama. But, I learned reading your article that it is an advanced step which should be done after practicing asanas and nadi-shodhana for a sufficient time. Kindly throw some light. […]

Can i do nadi-shodhana all night?

Yoga is a system of discipline and if it is followed in its completeness it works like magic. This is such an accurate system that we can compare it with mathematics where 1+1 is always 2. If you don’t fail in discipline…Yoga won’t fail you. Nadishodhan is mandatory before attempting any other pranayama e.g. kapalbhati, bhastrika etc.