2-day workshop cum initiation camp on Tattva Shakti Vigyaan

Shivoham! Lovely Soul, With divine grace of Shiva-Shakti and blessings of Gurumandala, we are here to help you embark upon your true spiritual journey. The inclusion in gurumandala through initiation is what is open to one and all but how much one progresses and achieves is dependent on what one handles the discipline of Tattva […]

What is minimum number for any mantra?

A mantra is a tool to achieve this calming of mind and yet keeping it alert and open. It takes time to calm your mind and that is why some minimum number of times you need to repeat and contemplate upon it. If a mantra is small – the recitation or chanting laps are definitely increased. That way 108 is not the number always.. your practices should allow you minimum gestation period for it to work on you. It that reason for you hear of some mystical numbers 11 minutes, 21 days, 41 days, 1.25 Lakh, 1000 repetitions and so on…

What is significance of 108? Why can’t I chant mantra for as many times as I like..

In fact there are 108 major energy points or chakras within your own body which are like windows in your being where from you can peep into “cosmic realms”. And which 108 points shall be used in your Mantra recitation (application) is decided by the master.

How to control emotions? What is the effect of bhastrika pranayama on emotions..

Emotions are not born with names as we know of them. They are not static.. lust can change into anger any moment and anger to pity and so on. But how? All its secret is in the pattern of energy currents? Our energy currents can be modulated through spiritual practices like Tattva Shakti Vigyaan so that the same stimulus invokes a desirable emotion in us.

Preparing for Enlightenment in Vaishakh month – Happy Buddha Poornima

Summers are naturally suitable for attaining the highest in the field of spirituality due to higher strength of solar energies and pull. Yoga, Tantra and other practitioners must make best use of this period for their spiritual ascension.

Spiritual Ascension : Tug of war between the forces of Gravity and Grace! (Part-III..Concluded)

Mind you! The realm of grace is beyond the reach of mind.. so learn to deal with it before you go to a Guru for the exact method. Zen Masters knew this art well.. and that’s why they kept giving koans to anyone who will approach them for ‘initiation’…