Yoga of synthesis..

Actually activation of sushumna can be in medical or psychological terms defined as a state of your mind when its both the lobes are free of residual irritations and accumulations, your logical and creative faculties are bundled together and thus a new vision is born.. but mind you! it is much more than this.

Gift yourself to your beloved!

Obsession to vanity is not a crime. I will not ask you to not spend hours in preparing yourself.. keeping your body tidy, shapely, flawless and glowing. Do continue with what you love, whatever you have been doing.. but hence forth you need to take this process as ‘preparing a beautiful gift for your beloved’. If you don’t love any person then let your divine ego take a leap.. become a goddess, gift your body to the God personified. Let this act become worship, your offerring to your beloved in any case.

Questions, questions and more questions…

While you follow your psychologists and sexologists’ advice take out time to meditate. Try being with yourself for sometime every day in complete silence.. no thoughts, no desires, no judgements, no plans, no fantasies. Sincerely seeking the true essence of this creation.. Slowly but surely you would find that Prem is replacing Love. Freedom is replacing fears, Compassion is replacing commitments and a celebration of being, a dance (I call Love-Shaking) is replacing sex (Love-making).