What is consciousness? Are we pure consciousness?

Keep in mind is that some states of consciousness are not linked to memory.. for example sleep consciousness is not and so is cosmic consciousness. If someone asks you what happened in the sleep – you may not remember. All you remember are the points in time-scale of beginning and end of it. Cut of from the senses and memory may not be there.. but that does not mean consciousness doesn’t exist in that frame of time.

Road to Bliss – Tattva Shakti Vigyaan (Upcoming Programme in Delhi)

In this Tattva Shakti Vigyaan workshop you shall be introduced to many ancient secret practices which flow down only in Guru-Shishya parampara. These techniques shall be related to inner-purification, unburdening yourself, achieving balanced outlook through chakra balancing, introduction to Tantra and Yoga, rituals and science behind them, secrets about Pranayama and energy circulation.

Tattva Shakti Vigyaan.. Miracle of Tattvas!

Pratyahara means relaxation, getting disconnected yourself from your sense organs.. This is achieved by giving suggestions to your mind to relax and not pay much attention to what is being intercepted by sense organs. Just being able to relax brings hoards of benefits to you.

Is Homosexuality a deterrent in spiritual growth?

Master AD, Thank you for your website and the wisdom and direction you provide to us. I have read several of your postings and I am very thankful for the truths you provide. I can feel myself resonating when I read your page. Let me begin by saying that I was originally raised in the […]

Is only awareness sufficient to get rid of negativities in life?

Many Masters have opined that awareness is that fire which is capable of transforming your personality and helps you burn your negative traits however I have different view here considering – You are neither your body or Mind nor your accumulated Sanskaras. You are the pure soul on a journey of self-discovery with a sophisticated vehicle (known as Panchkosha) for this mission.

Can I go to pubs & brothels and still advance spiritually?

Balancing life has another aspect.. a deeper one than meets the eyes. It is not about ‘the balancing act’ at all.. it is about feeling balanced and contented from within. It is about taking responsibility of your actions and it is about having a vision. It is about having a purpose in this journey called life.

How to gain control over mind (मन पर नियंत्रण कैसे करें?)

वास्तव में हमें मानसिक रूप से हमें अपने अमीर होने का भान होता है क्यूँ कि अगर कोई कहे कि “आत्मा” तो आप उसे आधे घंटे का प्रवचन दे सकते हैं| कोई अगर गलती से भी “कर्म” का नाम ले दे तो आप उसे पूरी “गीता-सार” सुना सकते हैं.. धन्य हैं हमारे पूर्वज जो हमे सब कुछ दे गए जो भी हमें मालूम हो सकता था पर उन्हें या नहीं मालूम था कि किसी परम भक्त द्वारा भक्ति व समर्पण की पराकाष्ठा में किये गए उदगार “होइहै वही जो राम रची राखा” ही तुम्हारे जीवन का दर्शन बन जाएगा और फिर सब कुछ सिर्फ “पढने और जानने” तक सीमित हो कर रह जायेगा, करने को कुछ बचेगा ही नहीं |

Love, Expectations, Attachment, Surrender and transcendence..

“प्रेम एक साधना है.. जीवन बदलने की विधा” Keep reminding yourself that love is a tool to rise beyond human limitations and it is the way which is capable of not only making relationships work but this world a better place.