What are prerequisites to Sudarshan Kriya? – Sujatha

Beloved Sujatha, People argue and ask “Is there no benefit from Sudarshan Kriya?” I say, why to talk of Sudarshan Kriya even simple prayers, deep breathing, brisk morning walk, sun bath, color therapy, panchkarma or blessings of Masters have worked wonders for people. Thats not the point here.. the bone of contention is whether Master […]

Pranayam’s Negative effects -II

Sudarshan Kriya worsened my situation so bad that I was almost bed ridden for a week with fever and headaches, I got heat boils and skin rashes and even piles from sudarshan kriya..

Pranayama-Don’t indulge in it without preparation!

Beloved readers and friends, Yoga is a holistic, scientific, mathematics like tool of self-discovery. I trust there is no controversy about the statement that self-discovery or self-realization is the zenith of human potential. This action-based-tool for self-realization originated in India in Vedic times. If we believe Vedic texts its origin in time is millions of years ago yet if […]

Mind you..Pranayama is dangerous!

Ever since I wrote about dangers of doing Pranayama and how it is in reality killing people so many mails have poured in. People are asking me the basis for declaring this. Although for my beloved disciples and sincere followers I don’t need to give any justification whatsoever yet in the interest of common masses, […]