Impact on Sadhana due to bodily changes and lunar phases

Every small step indicates progress in journey, and every single day of Sadhana brings us closer to our ultimate goal while we relish the serenity and divine fragrance of the path. Continuous and focused effort is put by Sadhak to attain the state he yearns for and a practitioner (Sadhak) has to be aware about […]

My Master Strongest!!! still I wander here and there..

I have seen people want to KNOW more rather than engaging themselves in Practices or Sadhna and EXPEREINCE more. This happens because of lack of self-discipline and dedication towards the path someone chooses for oneself. I am not against asking questions but what happens with most of people is that they try picking up certain clues and hints and try those things with their exhisting Sadhana. This is injurious as well as such process of bastradization of any intrinsic method leads to failure in your Sadhana.