Tattva Shakti Therapy is making inroads – Read between the lines!

Tattva Shakti Therapy is a new paradigm in looking at human well being. The knowledge existed since ancient times and was used in-principle with the Naturopathy and Ayurveda.. where Tattvas do find mention but the treatment is focused on correction of doshas. I don’t intend to claim that Tattva Shakti Therapy is an invention but it is a systematic attempt to further decode and expand the base of our understanding about our body and nature (mind).

Tattva Shakti Therapy utilizes the same principles of Tattvic make up and sees chronic diseases as contamination, imbalance and obstruction in flow of these tattvic energies within human body. And thus if we start correction regime based on tattvas it becomes even more elaborate and effective.

Here’s the news-coverage of one of our recent ‘Free Tattva Shakti Therapy Camps’ organized in A-Block, Saket, New Delhi. And honestly it is encouraging that people are able to relate to the findings so well.

I clearly see a trend.. ever since we started teaching Tattva Shakti Vigyaan everyday someone new pops up on the horizons of starts ups talking this and that about tattvas. I see these events simply as spreading the teachings of Gurumandala. Today few talk Tattva tomorrow the whole world will.

It is my belief that even the future of medicine belongs to Tattvas!

– Ma Shakti Devpriya Anand Nath

|| Difficulty reading? PLEASE Click on the IMAGE to enlarge it ||
|| Difficulty reading? PLEASE Click on the IMAGE to enlarge it ||


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