The Anatomy of Transcendental Meditation (TM)

|| Let the inner flower boom ||
|| Let the inner flower boom ||

Q: How does Transcendental Meditation work?

A. Lovely Soul,

Transcendental meditation is kind of a trans-mental process. It is achieved by engaging mind in some meaningless word (it is called mantra in their terminology) repeatedly and continuously without attaching the repetition to any of your body-rhythms like heartbeat, breathing etc. Choosing a meaningless word has a reason – it is done so that your mind doesn’t get ‘food for thought’. It is the same reason why beej mantras of seed mantras work more efficiently (it is to be kept in mind that beeja mantras are not used in transcendental meditations).

After a while the mind starts getting tired and stops working.. when your mind stops working you are supposed to drop the chanting of word also and those small periods of complete inactivity are achieved, you may call them to be ‘thoughtless episodes’… however as soon as you realize that you have become ‘thoughtless’ this though that ‘i am thoughtless’ is also considered as a ‘thought’ and so you again begin the mental activity of repeating that meaningless word (chanting of mantra) to reach that state of tiredness of mind again.. (thoughtlessness).

The duration of ‘inactivity’ or ‘thoughtless episodes’ increase as you exert more and more and in about 20 minutes of such repetition you get many ‘episodes’ of ‘thoughtlessness or silence’ when mental chatter is not present. And in all probabilities you are going to like this ‘state’ as you generally do not experience such a state while being your ‘waking or dreaming’ state hence your whole being would want to extend those periods ‘instinctively’ (though only if you develop the taste for that tranquility or inactivity of mind). If you are able to prolong those periods of ‘silence of mind’ that is referred to as entering the ‘transcendental’ or beyond mind.

So in a nutshell transcendental meditation is purely a mental exercise – deliberate attempt to tire the mind by engaging it in a meaningless monotonous activity and thereafter experience that feeling of inactivity or silence of mind while still being awake.


– Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

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