What is right meditation for me? How do i know i am progressing?

Master AD,

I have been on a spiritual journey this past year. I have been planting my feet into mother earth, eating only natural fruits and vegetables. I have detached from my lower self on some parts when it comes to masturbation and other urges. I feel as if I am not making enough progress though, my main concern is opening and balancing my chakras and especially my 3rd eye, also going within to find guidance. During meditation i can not seem to have a profound experience, although i meditate every night I feel as though I am stagnant in my growth. Can you offer any information on how I would know if I am growing. 13love 13knowledge 13wisdom

Dear Master,
I have been watching and Following this famous youtube video Spiritual Reality; The power of meditation. Will u plz plz tell me it that a right way to awareness n spirituality. I really dont know. And i don’t want to end up a blind seeker wasting time.
Religiously i meditate the same way mentioned in the video. Plz answer!!

|| Yes! There is light within ||
|| Yes! There is light within ||

Beloved Ryan and George,

Blessings from Masters!

I found these two questions quite closely related hence i chose to answer them together. Shall take up both of these mails stanza by stanza if needed and hope this doesn’t amount to infringement of any sort and clash of personal interests. Although these questions come from two individuals but both of you are doing a favor to thousands of other visitors here who have these questions but can’t gather courage to ask and make a public show of their ignorance. (Laughs) The answer here will address many of them at large.

Ryan you write- “I have been on a spiritual journey this past year. I have been planting my feet into mother earth, eating only natural fruits and vegetables. I have detached from my lower self on some parts when it comes to masturbation and other urges.” And George you say I have been watching and Following this famous YouTube video Spiritual Reality; The power of meditation. Religiously i meditate the same way mentioned in the video.

First thing you need to understand the basic underlying desire on “why” you want to go on to a spiritual journey at all? It may sound rhetoric but it means you are not happy the way you are.  Each one of you is being haunted by a feeling of incompleteness despite engaging in all sorts of self-pleasing attempts. Still spiritual journey for most of people have some hidden motive as well.. For some of you it may be a “run for perfection” or “Bliss” or “Experiencing beyond the current realm”, “Chakra activation”, “Kundalini Awakening” … etc. etc. but you must understand that all these are different outer name-tags to your inner desire to feel “complete” and “being at ease with yourself” and in fact that should be the purpose of it in any case.. even if not yet thought of.

Some feel vegetarianism is the way.. and for those who feel so there is a reply available to a similar question for one of the seekers. And yet another article will shed some light on the subtler aspects of vegetarianism.  In fact unless you understand subtler energy currents in your body and get awareness of how some specific food is altering your state of mind and emotion then only you can use discipline in food to fine-tuning your body, the tool capable of experiencing “that” sought after state of being. This necessarily does not mean I am advocating to switch over to non-vegetarian diet however something more apart from food-discipline is needed. Detaching yourself from lower self should not be a forceful endeavour rather transcendence with complete understanding of the impact these acts have on your capacities of ascension. This detachment starts happening by itself when you make progress on the path and that would be natural. Repression and abstinence is not a healthy way as such repressions come too heavy on you on all the wrong times and become responsible for your fall. You might be wondering if I am on the disagreement spree on whatever you are doing… but that is not the case. I am genuinely interested in your true progress rather than pretension. I want that your spirituality should grow inside-out not otherwise.

Many people feel they can themselves decide.. What should be the first step for them. They not only feel so but are so much convinced that engaging in some sort of “spiritual” practice would help them. So much so that they start practicing something or the other. Just like Ryan, who is trying to help himself by his own chosen efforts George is also desperate to progress and trying a guided meditation from YouTube. But Friends! When there is a “disease” don’t you go to a doctor? Wouldn’t you agree that “self-medication” is dangerous? However when is comes to “the dis-ease” we forget this warning and without slightest of hesitation we start trying some or the other method to ease ourselves without consulting an able teacher or Master. Trust me, this rarely works!

If you try to mend a faulty watch chances are high you would damage it further and even render it irreparable. Watch is not a very complicated or complex system yet it requires expert handling but when we deal with most complex system of body-mind-energies we feel it should be utterly simple. This happens because people are not aware of the complexities involved. For an uneducated man a Television is nothing but a box which is capable of showing moving pictures to him but ask an engineer and he will tell you it is not that. For him it is complex system of electronic devices arranged in a particular fashion to give the desired output. You may probably learn to repair a TV or a Watch using a self-help book but handling your own body-mind-energy complex is not that easy. Yet I have seen that millions of people get stuck in self-help books, internet and on many other things. How many of such people have ever succeeded in reaching the goal?

One should know the root-cause of one’s dis-ease first. And without understanding “where and what” of this system (body-mind-energy ) if you start hammering, knocking, screwing, tapping and greasing it.. more probable than not you are obstructing your own possible growth. Unfortunate it is but you lose precious years of life and thus the golden opportunity of self-discovery.

My question to both of you would be “Have you ever sought guidance from a Guru or Master?” If not then please follow the first step towards spiritual journey – seek a Master, spend some time conversing with him/her.  It is like making a ground within for launch and that ground is made when you follow your Master’s advice. Many people come back immediately.. and you too may say.. “See! I am asking you, right?” Well, you are not “asking” here but wanting me to “guide FURTHER” because you feel you are already on the path… Doing something, experimenting with something. You have that sense of doing which is rooted in your knowing perhaps. And assumption of ‘knowing’ is the biggest obstacle.

You say During meditation i can not seem to have a profound experience, although i meditate every night I feel as though I am stagnant in my growth.” 

Meditation is the process of stilling the mind.. your thoughts. Thoughts are subtlest entities in your being. If you analyze your being – your body will be the first thing in the domain of your control. It is the grossest part of your being – The matter. Then there are energies behind it which are subtler than matter… then comes “Thought” which is subtlest. Even when you are not actively thinking and get a feeling that your mind is blank, below that silence there is an unconscious chatter going on… they are “Thought Seeds”. These thought-seeds when sprout become tangible, perceivable thoughts. These thought seeds are created in your unconscious mind by the interaction of your instincts and desires with turbulent energy-currents. Unless you have perfect stilling the body, calmed your breath and further normalized the energy-currents it is impossible to enter in a meditative state where you can have profound experiences. Move step by step. Start with body.. perfect it and then move on.. Don’t jump to mind directly.

Body control is referred to as “Asana”. Indication of whether you have perfected an Asana would be that you can sit with ease keeping your body still in any chosen posture for around 3.5 hours. Well if that seems too much at least 1 hour of body control should be perfected in the beginning. Calming your breath and cleansing your energy channels are equally important and these are achieved through Nadi-Shodhan pranayama.  Once you have perfected the first two aspects of body (body & breath) the normalizing of the turbulent energy-currents would be needed. And after you have mastered these two – Meditation will be possible and it will be enlightening, liberating and blissful!

In the path I teach we begin with somewhere in the middle – we catch your being by Energy-Handle. We initiate you in “Tattva Shakti Vigyaan” where all your elemental energies are worked upon and a state of equilibrium is achieved. Since “Energy handle” is sandwiched between the Grossest Matter (Body) and Subtlest Matter (Thought); Working upon this handle we affect both the sides – On one hand it stabilizes the body, it starts calming the mind too. Thus progress is fast.

You say “Religiously i meditate the same way mentioned in the video.”

There is no “way” to meditate. And if you follow a “way” you are not allowing your mind its “freedom”. Your mind will behave like a caged bird.. All the methods where suggestions are given during the so called “meditation” are NOT meditations. They are guided journeys of the mind. Just like you watch a movie in theater with open eyes here you are made to use your visualization and watch the movie with closed eyes. No difference! Albeit one similarity – both can give you some sort of relaxation but remember your mind is acting like a slave of instructor here. Meditation is “ultimate freedom”. So if you ask me, i would suggest drop the method. Prepare your body and energies and then allow your mind the infinite space within to experience. How you can prepare your body and energies, I have already mentioned above.

You ask Can you offer any information on how I would know if I am growing.”

Here are few early symptoms of spiritual progress - You will feel great sitting alone. A sense of contentment and joy will always be with you. You will feel like sharing your love with everyone. Your behavior in relationships will change dramatically.. you will be filled with empathy. Attitude of gratitude will be natural to you…


- Acharya Agyaatdarshan Anand Nath

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  1. Master AD,

    The above are really great teachings on the basics of meditation, thank you. And tested “at my own expense”, even if I’m using other ways than Nadhi Shodhan to relax the whole body before meditation. However I’m not sure that what I am currently doing after relaxing is actually meditation – since you talk about absolute freedom…

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