Why Hindu Couples revolve around fire in the Marriage ritual? – Scientific Reason!

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Lovely Soul,

Fire or energy is not just like that supposed to be most sacred Element known to hindus.. the world recognizes it that way. If in this world the energy can directly be perceived it has to be in the form of heat, light and sound… Fire has it all!

Its not just accidental that energy is considered as only reality in t his universe by scientists. Also scientists have proven now that this Energy principle or prana responds to ‘consciousness’ or the ripples in it called ‘thoughts’. All alternate healing modalities are living proof of how energy can be made to cooperate in your creative/corrective processes through invocation of the person who wishes to use it.

As per Tantric view to materialize or concretize any wish or thought it must be fed with energy.. And what better way to communicate with Energy than having visible Flaring Flames of this principle in front of you? So when you put up a desire, a thought in the field of fire (energy) with intention it does help you achieve it however it does not mean that Fire force will be able to undo all the irrelevant, insane, idiotic actions of yours which you take afterward. When your fire within (anger, jealously, hatred or lust) you becomes more intense then your actions undo the goodness of undercurrent created during the sacred-promise ceremony…. You see it is the Power of Fire – Outer or Inner.

When ultimately only Fire will decide whether a relationship will work or not then why not make the same Fire a witness of our intentions!

Lets bow down to the Fire God – Fire Devaaya Namah (Agnaye Namah) (laughs)

Those who have not experienced the power of Fire are invited to experiment with it with Tattva Shakti Vigyaan. I bet their views shall change..


– Acharya Agyaatadarshan Anand Nath

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