Yoga of synthesis..

Why don’t you understand?

After one of my medition sessions I had once told my beloved desciple friend..

“If you want to experience God, your mind should be able to indulge in synthesis.. and when I am saying synthesis it does not merely mean putting different pieces together. Synthesis is much more than this.. “

Although he nodded affirmatively but I know for sure he had not understood that. Since that time I wanted to destroy the false feeling of understanding in him.. I knew what he understood is not what I meant so I have decided to elaborate on that.

Actually mind’s function is to split, to divide, to create grades, shades and hues.. mind can not do real synthesis ever if it is not meditative. Now the question comes what is meditative mind?

The meditative mind is the state of ‘Dhaarna’ in classical yogic term. A stage which is achieved after perfecting the ‘Praanaayaama’. The authentic Vedic Yoga system is a eight-fold path starting at Yama, Niayama… culminating to sate of Samadhi.

First four steps are done and are in our control. It means Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama are the four steps which require your effort. You can do something about it.. you can exercise control over these. These fall in the domain of your doing. The last four steps are the fruits which happen own their own accord. You can not do much about these.. in fact you can not do anything about these.

Just like a gardener you choose and then prepare the proper piece of land. Till the land, sow the seeds.. water them and then only thing you can do is protecting the plant and allow it to grow. Once it has grown up you will have to just patiently wait.. when the season arrives.. it flowers and you get the fruits too. The meditative mind is the state where buds have arrived.. some of them have opened up a bit and you are able to feel the aroma around. No proof is needed that fruits are not far away.

When you have gained control prana and thus on the brownian, zig-zag motion of your mind your mind starts disappearing.. it no more functions from one of its halves. The left and right are balanced and connected. The ida-pingala are open.. the sushumna takes birth. Actually activation of sushumna can be in medical or psychological terms defined as a state of your mind when its both the lobes are free of residual irritations and accumulations, your logical and creative faculties are bundled together and thus a new vision is born.. but mind you! it is much more than this.

In this state of flowering you are able to see things wholly, completely and your mind is now in synthesis mode. It is no more getting irked or agitated by absorbing in spliting a phenomenon in good or bad.. a state which is not falling in the domain of pain and pleasure..  you are no more discriminating. Surprisingly you are wiser than before. You will choose the best option for yourself out of multiple choices presented to you but now you would know you have done it without thinking about it. So knowledge dies and wisdom is born. In this state your sense of being a thinker or doer dies. You become a flute through which winds of existence flow and a divine melody is played on its own.

It is such a beautiful state.. blissful.. much more special and euphoric that the state of mind when you fell in love for the first time in life. Now you fall in love with the existence.. your beloved is everywhere.. he is embracing you from all the sides.. touching you.. playing with you in so many forms and in so many ways. The feeling is like constant divine intercourse with the existence.

But yet again I repeat.. although you may feel now you understand but I bet you have not. Because howsoever good words I use, whatever elaboration I make.. you have to indulge if you want to experience orgasm. And orgasmic bliss can not be put in words. So? Come, learn the art of accepting the divine love of universe. To accept or reject my invitation is always your choice.


– Agyaatdarshan

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3 comments on “Yoga of synthesis..

    1. Beloved Manju,

      The synthesis starts when we drop our mind because it is mind which is in the habit of cutting things into pieces.. as per its own process called logic. And mind can be dropped only in meditation. For the novice meditation is sorta exercise, a discipline, a project or probably a 20 minute affair with ‘self’ but when one starts attaining perfection in this a new state is achieved which starts spilling over beyond the 20 minute and gradually becomes the part of your being.. this state is ‘meditativeness’.

      So the answer to how do we do that is.. “by learning the meditation and practicing it regularly..” however you should be doing the type of meditation which suits you or else it becomes only a frustrating episode and leads to disappointement and loss of faith in the path.

      Love & Light

      – AD

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